8 Must Try Japanese Foods in Osaka Japan 2024

Osaka is full of yummy cheap eats! This list is our (well many are originally from my mom) go-to places in Osaka. 

8. Okinomiyaki Kiji

There are two locations in Osaka but this is the original location. [Note: the owner no longer makes the Okonomiyaki himself but his employees were amazing!]

7. Umeda Mixed Juice

The Famous Umeda Mixed Juice is so refreshing and is only 200 yen. You can see so many locals enjoying it. We liked it so much that we got it twice on our trip!

6. Kushikatsu Daruma

Kushikatus is something you must try in Osaka! You can try as many skwers as you want. Do not forget to get draft beer 🍺


This donut shop is right next to Osaka Aquarium called Kaiyukan. Their made to order donuts are so good!!!

4. 551 Horai

This is always on my food/gift list when it comes to Osaka. Their famous pork buns are warm, fresh, and so filling! There are many stores through out Osaka and you should definitely try it when you come across it. 

3. Rikuro's Cheese Cake

This is another staple food in Osaka. Who doesn’t love fluffy Japanese Cheesecake? And the whole cheesecake is just 965 yen! There are two lines: one for hot right out of the oven cheesecake (usually a long wait) and the other for room temp. ones. (I usually get this because I won’t able to eat it right away anyway.) This will make a great gift!

2. Hanadako

Conveniently located at Umeda Station, this Takoyaki shop is our favorite. We always get their Takoyaki in Osaka. Their Takoyaki is always on point. Our favorite is Takoyaki with Green Onion Topping.

1. Creperie Alcyon

This is our new favorite! Made to order french crepe shop in Osaka. We tried the crepe with French butter and sugar. It was perfection! We wish we had two instead of sharing one. I can’t wait to go back and get more in the future.

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