Best Mobile Phone Data Plan For International Travel (2022) Airalo Review

We use Visible in the States. ($25 Unlimited Phone Plan: Visible Review) It is possible to travel abroad without a data plan by using public Wifi and hotel wifi but it is, of course inconvenient. Therefore, we used Airalo during our month-long Europe trip. I liked Airalo due to its reliability, easy app. interface, and affordability.

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App. Interface. ?

You can buy a data plan before you arrive at your destination or when landing. You can use the airport’s free wifi to download the app. and set it up with an instant e-sim. It takes less than five minutes to set up!

Data Plans are Available Throughout the World ?

When we did a month-long Europe trip, we bought the European data plan. When I was in Japan, I bought a plan that specifically only works in Japan. Usually, single-country data plans are cheaper, but if you hopping around different countries, a Regional data plan will be better suited.

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Affordable Pricing ?

When I tried to find an affordable local sim card, it often came with some hidden fees like “one-time setup fees”. Airalo was very straightforward and there were no hidden fees. We mainly used our data on Google Maps and Google search during our travel. We used the hotel’s wifi for watching Youtube videos and etc… In that way, a cheaper data plan goes a long way. You can always top up and add more data if need be.


Only Data. No Cellular. ?

Airalo only offers data plans, which means you can not make phone calls or send text messages. If you happen to live in a country for a couple of months, you might want to find a local phone carrier that provides you with cellular service. However, we have found that using apps., such as WhatsApp and Line, has made cellular service superfluous.

eSIM Compatible Phones Only ⚙️

In order to use their service, your phone needs to be eSIM compatible.

When Your Primary Cell Phone Carrier Offers Great International Roaming Plan ⚖️

If your primary cell phone carrier offers great international roaming plans, it may be your best bet. Make sure to compare prices with Airalo and shop around.

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Airalo has been great for us when we travel outside of the U.S. We’d love to know what phone data plan you use when you travel abroad! If you want to try Airalo, click here! (get $3 off)

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